Kensington Cares Outreach

Sundays at the Last Stop - Somerset

Goods & Services is proud to present our outreach team: Kensington Cares Outreach. We are working to provide hot meals and clothing to patrons via Last Stop – Somerset every Sunday.

The Last Stop - Somerset is a traditional 12 Step clubhouse, which has been deeply rooted in the Kensington neighborhood since 2001. We are grateful to The Last Stop for allowing us their space.

This is an exciting opportunity to convene with some of the most high-risk and vulnerable individuals facing homelessness and addiction to develop relationships as the first step to connecting individuals to services they may need.

We are dedicated to providing individuals, who are consistently subjected to uncertainty, security of at least one meal a week. Our patrons can count on a hot breakfast, coffee and donuts. We feed at least 200 people each Sunday. We are always striving to make a difference, so join us by making a donation to aid in our project.

We have been able to expand to serving an additional meal during the week. Through the support of people like you, we hope to make this consistent as well.