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Providing goods and services to those who need them

Kensington Cares Outreach

Sunday Breakfast at the Last Stop Somerset

Outreach is our foundational means of developing relationships with the community. 

Donations of Support

Your donation goes to providing goods & services to those who need them. 

Our Projects

Collaborative & Innovative


Tackling the Issue

Presently, our focus is on seeking out and connecting with many of the different service providers and volunteer groups servicing the Kensington area. Our hope is to develop a strong network of resources that can be accessible to individual when they are ready to access it.


Making a Difference

We believe that without connection to others through empathy and understanding there is little hope for those who are in the grips of addiction. Our outreach program allows us to make connections with people, so when they are ready to seek out services the connection has already been formed.


Basic Needs

Our Kensington Cares Outreach is committed to providing meals at least once a week. We have also teamed up with other organizations to provide hygiene and basic needs bags, clothing and other essentials. Following Maslow's hierarchy of needs, once the basic needs are met, people can begin to focus on other aspects of their life they may want to improve. Donations, monetary and otherwise are essential for the achievement of this project. 

Harm Reduction

Research supported

Research supports Harm Reduction, and so do we. We are currently distributing Narcan (Naloxone) nasal spray and condoms to our patrons. We advocate for all forms of harm reduction implementation. We are exploring multiple avenues to expand this project.

"The opposite of Addiction is Connection”

Johann Haari

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